Monday, August 22, 2011


After a (brief) amount of consideration I have decided to (re)start my old blog. I fixed the URL and it'll actually have a brand new purpose! My previous endeavours were regarding gaming of sorts, and that's not to say this will be free of it, however it will also be a place where I can go over writing, post reviews for books, and (with permission of course) promote other indy authors and such in their hopes of getting their voices out there.

There will be bits and pieces regarding gaming and such like that (I just can't help myself) but hopefully this will help my own attempts at marketing, and also others out there.

So, I suppose I'll do my own first! I wrote a book, it's called The Light Rises and it's available at , Barnes & Noble: here, and also on the Apple iBookstore (sadly I don't have a link to it because I don't own an i-device) The book is e-book only, so you'll be able to read it on your computer, Nook, i-Device, other e-readers, and soon Kobo, Sony, and hopefully Kindle!

Rough outline for the story is this: The year is 1890 in London, the world is as we knew only steam mixes with the fog to obscure the sky. Summer is going about as well as it normally would, but only until a man looks up at the sky and causes it to start snowing. It's then up to Keagan Gillette, a necromancer detective recently returned from America, to gather his companions to try and prove that humanity has a right to live while the signs of the Apocalypse are everywhere.

Thanks a bunch! I'll try to update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (though it may be at night)


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