Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/11 Monsterous Monday?

Hellos! As you can see from the title (I'm obviously working on) that it's Monday. I hope everyone had a delightful weekend. Mine was spent not going to PAX, talking to people who were going to PAX, and wishing I had gotten passes to PAX. All in all it was rather relaxing, which was something I needed dearly.

As for what my Monday topics are going to be, with that also mostly being decided, I figure I would talk a bit about my own progress with writing. Currently I've had the 'great' idea to have three projects going on a once, and I spent this last weekend trying to get at least half way done with the shorter of the three. Luckily that was a success! That particular project is a collection of short stories called "Uncrossed Paths" that are the back stories (or at least important scenes) in the lives of the main characters from "The Light Rises", I have two out of the four done, and am part way through the third. I hope to be finished with the actual plot-writing portion by Friday. (and then it's that part I mentioned on Wednesday where I re-read, edit, re-read, edit, lather rinse repeat until I say it's finished.)

The idea of writing a short story collection is something that I've always found intriguing but haven't actually done myself before. When it comes to writing, I always want to do something and have it feel complete, not that short stories aren't complete, but I always tend to think about how something else was pulling strings in one direction, and by the end the 'short' part of the story isn't really there anymore. So this side-project is a nice change of pace for me, and I'm enjoying the challenge immensely.

My other projects are a prequel to "The Light Rises" called "Rending the Seal" which takes place two years before the events of the previous book, and will include what happens up to the prologue of that book. I wanted to show people how the four characters got together, and just how much of an impact they had on each other's lives. The second is a story called "Daughter of the Shackled God" that takes place in present day New York and follows a young woman that discovers she's a descendant of Loki, who is thrown into the middle of a war of Order vs Chaos and learns she's on the losing side. I figured out a way to make that story in the same world as "The Light Rises" and when that happened I was so stupid happy it was ridiculous.

So those are the projects I'm currently working on, I'm hoping to get the story-writing part of "Rending the Seal" done by the end of November as part of National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO), but let's see if my wrist will let that happen. For now, have a good day, as always if you ever want me to feature your story on Friday, just drop a line by either leaving a comment, e-mail, or Twitter, thanks for reading and I'll see you on Wednesday.

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